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What Can Be Done About The Steady Growth of the E-Waste Problem.

Recycling has become more than just a business philosophy, it is an absolute way of life for companies that wish to survive and even thrive in the competitive global market of today. This is as more customers will consider the “Green” factor when choosing which business to buy from. The benefits of recycling are more [...]

2021-05-07T10:56:34+02:00E Waste|

When Is It Necessary For Remote Support And /Or A Callout?

Are you struggling with your computer or your IT configuration? Is it slow or unresponsive? Perhaps it's giving up problems that cannot be resolved. It's best to have the right kind of IT Technician on-hand to optimize your workflow and ensure that your devices don't slow down the work or personal progress.   “It’s hardware that [...]

Why Computer Repairs Should Be Left To The Professionals

We have all experienced the painful experience of computer problems at some point and its almost guaranteed to happen in the future. Things crash, systems slowing down, malware, pop-ups or even spam are bound to happen, this could then spell trouble for your computer. When it comes to the computer repairs most people will try [...]

2021-08-26T11:32:50+02:00Computer Repairs|

Inboma Mobile Application

Inboma Mobile Application Development Inboma is a game farmer's best friend. By utilizing this application you will be able to keep track of the latest wildlife that is being sold and it will help you get hold of the correct game at the right price and time. It will allow users to be notified of the latest game auctions, [...]

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Inboma Flyer Design This flyer design included the following as per client specifications: - A5/A4 compatibility - User-friendly Layout - Eye-catchy and appealing - Clear and concise Please note that Inboma is still currently under construction. Details to be given out later this year.