Switchy Mobile Application Development

Switchy is a hospital directory that is still a work in progress, designed and developed for hospitals in Port Elizabeth to help optimize medical staff communications and operations, by allowing a simpler and more effective ‘Switchboard’. The current ‘Switchboard’ that is in place is a bit aged and causes hassles for medical staff to get hold of various individuals quickly and efficiently – hence the need for an app to do just that while providing important data and information at the touch a button.

Switchy includes the following features:

– Full hospital directory exclusive to certain hospitals currently within Port Elizabeth

– Roster PDF downloads for medical staff to know which personnel are available on certain days and times

– Advert place holders

– Full back-end content management system to edit content from an administrative perspective

– Search functionality within the various departments and hospitals

– Speed dials, extensions and departments of various medical staff very clearly laid out in a directory format

– Automated Processes

– User registration and login

– Restricted user access

This application will be available on the Apple Store and the Google PlayStore later this year.