Inboma Mobile Application Development

Inboma is a game farmer’s best friend. By utilizing this application you will be able to keep track of the latest wildlife that is being sold and it will help you get hold of the correct game at the right price and time. It will allow users to be notified of the latest game auctions, events, user notifications and so forth. It goes without saying that it is a “Game changer”.

Inboma includes the following features:

– Full game listing directory with an advanced search for all the different game involved

– Push notifications for the latest game auctions, events and for game requested

– Featured Ads

– Full back-end content management system to edit content from an administrative perspective

– GPS location distance calculator which calculates how far you are from the game being advertised

– Consistent information regarding game buyers and sellers

– A user’s very own profile which they can manage

– Game request forms

This application is currently available on the following platforms: